Zumbah is the purple Boohbah.



Biography Edit

Zumbah is the biggest Boohbah. He sometimes moves at a slower pace than the rest of the Boohbahs, but his listening skills are still very good.

Appearance Edit

Zumbah is dark purple and has an indigo-tinted back.

Warm-ups lead by Zumbah Edit

Funny Folding Edit

  • Skipping Rope
  • Shed
  • Droopy Flowers

Join In and Jump Edit

  • Painting the Fence
  • Following the Signs
  • Springy Sofa
  • Snowballs

Swing Your Legs Edit

  • Squeaky Seesaw
  • Cracker (UK)
  • Crossroads
  • Grass Skirt

Stomp Your Feet Edit

  • Big Comb
  • Tunnel
  • Stick

Scrunch Up Small and Stretch Out Big Edit

  • Hot Dog
  • Island / Desert Island
  • Paper Plane
  • Banana Split
  • Unwinding Carpet

Twirly Boohbah Hops Edit

  • Two Hats
  • Gigantic Carrot

Actors Edit

Merchandise Edit

  • Hasbro (Dance Along, Silly Sounds, Peek-a-Boohbah, jumbo pillow, Zippity, action figure, and Play-Doh figure)
  • Golden Bear Toys (Lights and Sounds, medium plush, Peek-a-Boohbah, and Dancing)



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