What Will Anne Wood Say!?! is a new episode of Boohbah UNBOUND! that will air on Ryan Bannon Studios XD in December 25, 2013. In this episode, Bobby must solve a mystery about one of his sister's Boohbahs being gay and crack the code for good.


After seeing a somewhat-lavender streak zooming past her in 6:35 in the morning, Bobby's neighbour thinks that there is a thunderbolt on the ground. Bobby explains to her that it is Jingbah's charger pod, and it is giving joy into people's lives. After realizing this, Bobby's neighbour sees a red streak go past her. Bobby explains to her that it is Zoombah's charger pod, and it needs to go see Lord at once. Ten other Boohbahs go past her, confusing her and getting herself dizzy.