The lack of a green Boohbah has become a well-known topic for concern among the Boohbah fandom as well as fans who are not part of this group.

Analysis Edit

There are five Boohbahs (Humbah, Jingbah, Jumbah, Zing Zing Zingbah, and Zumbah), as well as four Teletubbies (Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po, and Tinky Winky). Each one is a different colour, respectively (yellow, pink, teal/turquoise blue, orange, purple, lime green, sunflower yellow, red, and blue-violet).

However, if we were to


People have made up false theories to give an explanation why a green-coloured Boohbah does not exist:

Christmas coloursEdit

For example, one comment on the show's Wikipedia article's talk page jokes that there isn't a green or red Boohbah because the creator doesn't like "Christmas colours". The comment below it says that there is a red Boohbah named Limbah known for his abusive drug habit and "conservative views".[1]

This comment is false, and if it were true, it would make the show as inappropriate as many people think it is. Drug habits can result in death, lung cancer, and further dangerous consequences, all of which DHX Media, the current distributor of the show, would not approve of putting in a television programme meant to get people to move and get fit. Drugs can also make people's movement slow down immensely.

Green is not a creative colourEdit

The most common "no green Boohbah" theory is centred around the colour not being as creative as the five Boohbahs' fur colours.

However, this claim is entirely wrong because it is based on the quote-turned-meme "Green is not a creative color" from the YouTube series Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared, which came out years after Boohbah. One reason why this might be is that while these theories insist that green is an earthy colour, not a creative colour, the colour can be used creatively, as despite these claims, one of the Teletubbies (Dipsy) is lime green, and it has never been determined whether or not the creator of both shows, Anne Wood, considers green to be a creative colour.

Despite all of this, many people have argued that there may be a green Boohbah, still making false stories to provide an explanation. To add to all of this, the objecting people say that there will never be an additional Boohbah, which can be described below.


While there are many special effects used throughout Boohbah, one of the equipment used to accomplish some of these effects is a green chroma screen. Because this is the most common chroma screen colour, it is impossible for a green-coloured Boohbah to appear on a green screen, as it will vanish completely unlike the other five Boohbahs.

Furthermore, it can be argued that the "no green Boohbah" rumours are all fiction, as much of the theories and false explanations are either too inappropriate or illogical.


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