The Storypeople are a diverse group of familial characters who inhabit Storyworld and participate in various innocent vignettes inspired by the presents that they are given. They are meant to resemble paper cutouts inside of a jigsaw puzzle. They are:

  • Grandmamma (Linda Kerr-Scott) - An elderly yet spry woman. She has white hair and wears a dark pink house dress, white sweater, white socks, and red sneakers.
  • Grandpappa (Robin Stevens) - An elderly yet spry man. He has white hair and a white mustache; he wears a long-sleeved yellow shirt, dark gray slacks, red suspenders, and white sneakers.
  • Mrs. Lady (Harvey Virdi) - A heavyset Indian woman. She has dark hair and wears a loose light blue blouse, loose bright pink pants, and pink sneakers.
  • Mr. Man (Mark Ramsey) - A husky Black man. He is bald and and wears a short-sleeved magenta shirt, white trousers, and black trainers.
  • Brother and Sister (respectively played by Manuel Bravo and Vee Vimolmal) - Latino and Thai children who are always paired and both appear to be in their late teens; respectively, they wear a blue T-shirt, red shorts, and white trainers, and a red T-shirt, blue Capri pants, and the same type of shoes as Brother.
  • Auntie (Sachi Kimura) - A Japanese woman. She has short black hair and wears a long-sleeved lavender blouse, black trousers, lavender socks, and black shoes.
  • Little Dog Fido (Dash) - A Jack Russell Terrier. He wears a scarlet collar.

With the exception of Little Dog Fido with his barking, the Storypeople do not speak. Though they sometimes exhibit frustration or confusion, the Storypeople rarely, if ever, appear upset or sad. The Storyworld segments are narrated by actor Chris Langham. In each episode the Storypeople magically receive an object sent to them by a child or group of children.