Stack Of Cushions
78 Stack of Cushions
Season 02, Episode 78
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Robin Stevens
Directed by Chris Bernard

Annie Gibbs Vic Finch

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Little White Cloud Jigsaw
Stretch and sway with the Boohbahs and have fun when you wiggle your bum. In Storyworld, Grandmamma has a bone to pick with a tumbling Stack of Cushions. Can she sort out this dog's dinner?

 Notes Edit

  • 2 Country Intro: China & Russia
  • Warm-Up: Stretch And Sway
  • Storypeople: Grandmamma & Little Dog Fido
  • Boohbah Dance: Wiggle Your Bum

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 1st episode with the end dance "Wiggle Your Bum", the last episode with the warm-up "Stretch And Sway", and the last of the 3 episodes to have Little Dog Fido's bone. The 1st episode is Comfy Slippers, and the 2nd episode is Fido's Bone.
  • This is the only episode with the “Wiggle Your Bum” end dance to not have the UK & South Africa intro.