Pulling The Rope
69 Pulling the Rope
Season 02, Episode 69
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Alan Dapre
Directed by Chris Bernard

Annie Gibbs Vic Finch

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Do magical marching with the Boohbahs and help them sneak up and surprise each other. In Storyworld, Grandpappa finds a rope in the water. But is there something fishy about what's on the other end?

 Notes Edit

  • 2 Country Intro: Germany & China, (original episode), India & UK, (Boohbah: Flippers DVD only)
  • Warm-Up: March To The Beat
  • Storypeople: Grandpappa, Mrs Lady, Mr Man, Brother, Sister and Little Dog Fido
  • Boohbah Dance: Sneak Up And Surprise Out

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last episode to have the dance "Sneak Up And Surprise Out".
  • This is the only episode with the warm-up "March To The Beat" to not have India & UK as the 2 Country Intro.