Jingbah is the pink Boohbah.



Biography Edit

Jingbah is the sturdiest Boohbah, and can (for the most part) go through numerous dances without falling down. She is able to listen to the "children" as well as the other Boohbahs.

Appearance Edit

Jingbah is rose and has a red-tinted back.

Warm-ups lead by Jingbah Edit

Get Up and Gallop Edit

  • Armchair / Comfy Armchair
  • Drink of Milk
  • Comfy Slippers
  • Tightrope

The Busy Dizzy Dance Edit

  • Record Player
  • Leaky Hose
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • 4 Jumpers

Jumping Side to Side Edit

  • Squeaky Socks
  • Parping Horn
  • The Big Switch
  • Sledge

Jumping Jacks Edit

  • The Door
  • Space Rocket

Lean Side to Side With One Leg Edit

  • Building Blocks
  • Beards
  • Flag

Arm Circle Edit

  • Flippers
  • Wardrobe / Closet

Actors Edit

Merchandises Edit

  • Hasbro (Dance Along, Silly Sounds, Peek-a-Boohbah, jumbo pillow, Zippity, action figure, and Play-Doh figure)
  • Golden Bear Toys (Lights and Sounds, medium plush, Peek-a-Boohbah, and Dancing)



Merchandise galleryEdit