Humbah is the yellow Boohbah.



Biography Edit

Humbah can easily listen to what the "children" want the Boohbahs to do, and is able to master many warm-up and end dances with ease. However, her skills are not perfect, and she can fall over exactly when some dances want the Boohbahs to do so.

Character Appearance Edit

Humbah is bright yellow and has a golden yellow-tinted back.

Warm-ups lead by Humbah Edit

Swing Your Arms and Shape Up Edit

  • Rope and Rock
  • Flowers & Vase
  • Bat & Ball
  • Jumping On The Balls

March To the Beat Edit

  • A Pile of Balls
  • Musical Cushions
  • Pulling the Rope
  • Snowman

Sideways Steps Edit

  • Jack in the Box
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Fido's Bone
  • Book

Silly Marching Edit

  • The Bed
  • Cracker (US)
  • Falling Oranges
  • Fido's Picture

Hop Side to Side Edit

  • The High Wall
  • Long Drink (US)
  • Fairground Thing (US)
  • Ball & Hoop

Skipping Edit

  • Treasure Chest
  • Stream
  • Bouncy Castle

Actors Edit

Merchandise Edit

  • Hasbro (Dance Along, Silly Sounds, Peek-a-Boohbah, jumbo pillow, Zippity, action figure, and Play-Doh figure)
  • Golden Bear Toys (Lights and Sounds, medium plush, Peek-a-Boohbah, and Dancing)



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