In this Storyworld segment, a yellow piece of rope appears next to a rock. Then, Little Dog Fido makes a cameo appearance. Next, Grandmamma & Grandpappa appear. Grandmamma, who is on 1 side of the rock grabs her end, and Grandpappa, who is on the other side of the rock, grabs on to his end. They both try to pull the rope together, but they're both on different sides of the rock, and the rock gets in their way. Next, they try changing places back and forth, but that still doesn't work. And then, the rock disappears, with some help from the children. Now, Grandmamma & Grandpappa can say ''Hello!'', even though the narrator says it for them. Now, Grandmamma & Grandpappa can have fun playing with the rope all day long, and the Storyworld segment ends with Grandmamma & Grandpappa spinning the rope around with the sound of the Teletubbies flying Tubby Toast playing, as they're spinning around and away.

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