Brother & Sister are Storypeople. They are a pair and are both in their late teens. They are rarely
Brother & Sister

ever seen apart (for example, in "Windows" and "Drink of Milk", Brother is seen without Sister until Sister shows up). Brother is a Latino boy and Sister is a Thai girl. Brother is played by Manuel Bravo while Sister is played by Vee Vimolmal.  

Biography Edit

As seen in "Pearly Shells" and "Desert Island", Brother and Sister are both very playful, and usually act energetically while coming up with ideas to solve the situation they are faced with.

If excited or pleased with the results of a plan, they do a "victory dance" to express their delight.

Episode Appearances Edit

Brother Edit


Brother is shown to be a Latino boy with short black hair.

He wears a bright blue T-shirt, bright red trousers and white sneakers with pink laces.

Sister Edit

Sister is shown to be a Thai girl with hip-length black hair in a long ponytail.

Her apparel is a red T-shirt, bright blue Capri pants and the same type of shoes as brother.

TV Episode Appearances Edit

  1. Skipping Rope (debut)
  2. Pearly Shells
  3. Musical Pipe
  4. Windows
  5. Record Player
  6. Squeaky Socks
  7. Big Bass Drum
  8. Jack in the Box
  9. Settee & Cushions
  10. Musical Instruments
  11. The High Wall
  12. Flippers
  13. Bells
  14. Shed
  15. Big Bag
  16. Drink of Milk
  17. Cracker
  18. Island
  19. Tunnel
  20. The Big Switch
  21. Paper Plane
  22. Gigantic Carrot
  23. Ice Cream Cone
  24. Banana Split
  25. Pulling the Rope
  26. Hole in the Fence
  27. Little White Cloud
  28. Unwinding Carpet
  29. Bouncy Castle
  30. Snowballs