The Boohball is a glowing, crystalline white ball of light and also where the Boohbahs come from and live. It travels from country to country when called by children, and appears out of nowhere during certain parts of the show.


Travelling around the world with a rainbow trail in its wake, the magical Boohball soars through the air collecting the laughter of excited children to recharge the Boohbahs, who sleep inside the ball in their "charger pods". The Boohball is located at the very top of the Boohzone, the place that it forms after each flight and where the Boohbahs dance and play.

Design and locationsEdit

The Boohball is a glowing white, as well as multi-coloured spots scrambling around it as it travels around the world.

The interior of the Boohball is primarily many shades of pink, light green, orange, and purple (with white "hoops" circling the "walls" of the ball). The ball also houses a circular white "floor", which can either serve as the base for the Boohbahs' "charger pods" or the area the children's "present for the Storypeople" is showcased.

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