A "Boohbah dance" (also known as a game or end dance) occurs near the end of an episode, where the Boohbahs return to the Boohzone to perform an elaborate dance or play a "game". The dance/game is usually more complex and, in some cases, less feasible to do than a warm-up; unlike a warm-up, where the Boohbahs perform one simplistic exercise together, there are more movements involved and there is no particular order for each Boohbah to start doing the dance/game in.

Mostly, the dance/game will have something to do with the Storyworld segment preceding it; if a segment involves jumping and bouncing, for example, the Boohbahs will bounce. If another segment involves flight, to name another example, the Boohbahs will do something similar.

List of Boohbah dancesEdit