55 Beards
Season 01, Episode 55
Vital statistics
Air date Unknown
Written by Alan Dapre
Directed by Chris Bernard

Annie Gibbs Vic Finch

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Bouncers Paper Plane
Loosen up with lots of Boohbah leans and play a Chase and Catch game. In StoryworldMr. Man finds a bushy beard. Will it be a hair-raising experience when he suddenly sneezes?

 Notes Edit

  • 2 Country Intro: South Africa & Japan
  • Warm-Up Dance: Lean Side To Side With One Leg
  • Storypeople: Mrs Lady, Mr Man and Little Dog Fido
  • End Dance: Chasing And Catching

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 1st episode with the end dance "Chasing And Catching".